Dog walking and many other animal volunteer positions around the world!
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For Cetacean conservation links click here

Animal Planet - Featuring top notch shows 
like Emergency Vets,  Crocodile Hunter,
Animal Precinct and Animal Cops (which
was narrated by John "Lounge Lizards" Lurie
last season- how cool is that!) Animal Planet 
is one of the few reasons why TV is worth 

The Animal Rescue Site - already listed on
the main page of this site, it bears repeating!
Head on over, click a link and feed an animal
in need. Buy some stuff & feed some more!

ASPCA- the grandaddy site to many of the
shelters listed on Walking the Dogs and the
only place you can get a subscription to
Animal Watch magazine, an indispensible
magazine for shelter workers, volunteers and

ASPCA Ani-med - companion site which
gives you loads of info on caring for a wide
variety of animals.

ASPCA Animaland - companion site made
just for kids!

The Ecology Fund - similar to the Animal
site, but when you click on links,  you save
wildlife habitat!

Humane Society of the United States -
Massive, excellent site pertaining to animal
welfare with direct action links for volunteers
and a free email newsletter to keep you in
the loop! Get a subscription to All Animals
magazine when you become a member.

Animal Channel - HSUS' companion site
featuring original films and documentaries
on a wide variety of animal related subjects.

Petfinder.Com - The mother of all animal
adoption sites featuring adoptable pets from
all over the world. Locate an animal shelter
in your area!

Miscellaneous Links

Link Tv - "your connection to the world."
Perhaps the single greatest tv channel
currently operating.

Ode Magazine - "independent magazine
about the people and ideas that are
changing the world."

Reel Progress - low budget filmmaking site
Launched in 1997 catering to independent
film and video.


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